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The Collection features a comprehensive selection of available options, so you can find a lighted mirror that accentuates your design and reflects your vision.

The Offering

Explore Your Options

We offer a wide array of sizes and seven lighting patterns, including ambient glow lighting, edge lighting, and perimeter lighting. With more than 140 unique options for easy ordering, select the perfect lighted mirror for your project.

    • 140 Standard Options
    • 42 Different Sizes
    • 7 Light Patterns
    • 3000K LED Light Temperature
    • Plug and Hang Installation

A Solution You Can Count On

Robern will help you meet deadlines and exceed expectations with quality-crafted products that are easy to install and make a lasting impression.


Our lighted mirrors are thoughtfully crafted wtih durable aluminum construction, built-in diffusers, and fully encased LEDs and electrical components.

Plug-In Installation

Make installation a breeze with a plug-and-hang system and pinch cleat mounting, eliminating the need for an electrician.

Quality of Light

Industry-leading task lighting provides bright, consistent output and remarkably accurate color rendering, while the warm color temperature (3000K) complements the overhead or sconce lighting in a hotel design.

Solutions for ADA Designs

Ideal for hospitality and commercial applications, our edge lighting and column lighting patterns are ADA appropriate options.


Available to order now. Contact or call 866-632-5976 for an order inquiry.

  • Typical lead times are 12-18 weeks
  • Mock up rooms can be done on a tighter timeline

Beyond The Collection

Beyond what The Collection offers, we offer options that support your design needs and take you from concept to product spec. Let the collaborative design team at Robern help you meet deadlines and exceed expectations. Our team will work with you to provide cutting-edge, quality-crafted products for a stunning design that makes a lasting impression.

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